Bill Freeman, potential candidate for Mayor in 2019: “I don’t like a plan made by people in a back room, without public input, with transit that stops halfway to the county line.”

Councilman Steve Glover: “I think this is a bad plan that needs to be regional in nature not just on the backs of Nashville Taxpayers.”

Local School Board member: “I find the plan scary and dangerous for Nashville.”

Malcolm Getz, Vanderbilt economics professor: “The funding scheme [to build the rails] frightens people who know . . . municipal finance. A severe national recession could put our city in a compromised position.”

Bill, comment on the BTN page: “worst idea in Nashville history…”

Rita: “I’m not riding because it doesn’t come near my house. It wouldn’t help me at all or the 550 homes in my sub division. Or the thousands of citizens from Concord Rd to OHB in South Nashville.”

Sharon, pharmacist: “This plan does NOTHING to alleviate the bottleneck interstate congestion…It serves only a small portion of inner-city & the buses that are there for that purpose run almost empty most of the time. There MUST be a better plan than this absurd $10+billion atrocity that will be a taxpayer burden on Davidson country residents, who won’t benefit from it, for YEARS. Vote NO!

Mark, voter, comment on the FB page: “Stupid idea Nashville! I’m a 5th generation Californian who fled because of stupid ideas like these. Nashville is booming, work on the basic infastrure like roads, bridges, and pot holes. Building a train that nobody will use will be an epic fail and will tie your hands fiscally with other metro projects.

William, citizen: “An engineer that worked on Boston’s transit tunnel, said Barry’s boondoggle was a fool’s fantasy. He promised the cost could easily be 3 times as much as her pathetic estimate, and the businesses along the way will wither and die from construction congestion. But really, how can you trust someone that lied to everyone she met for over two years?”

Diane, mother and neighborhood volunteer: “I’m against it, especially the tunnel which will be disastrous for the environment.”

Michael: “This is literally the equivalent of voting for the pony express as your mail carrier…. A 15 mph train in the 21st century. Taking up several lanes of traffic.”

Robert, citizen: “A transit expert from the Northwest said that because of Nashville’s large land area and spread out population, rail would never work here.”

Steve, on the FB page: “The first leg of this plan goes up Gallatin Rd to Inglewood exactly like the old trolley. It’s like taking a giant step backwards.”

Debbie: “I drive down Hwy 100 and US 70S almost every day…. Vaughn’s Gap has been closed to through traffic for months, maybe a year. Why? Metro says they are: REPLACING CULVERT WITH A CAST IN PLACE STRUCTURE. If you read the city’s page you would think that this started in February of 2018 and will be finished soon. If Metro is deceptive about the time it takes to build a cast in place culvert on a two lane road that is about 1.5 miles, how can anyone trust them to tell us how long it will take to complete their light rail atrocity?”

Social media comment: “I don’t know if Megan Barry is an attorney but I know she does a lot of work pro-boner!”

Citizen: “People are not gonna give up their cars.”

Citizen: “Atlanta’s MARTA has not changed or helped their traffic at all. It’s been a useless project and loses tens of millions of dollars a year.”

Millennial: “The transit system doesn’t make sense based upon the numbers. It will ruin the tourist business in our city.”

Karen, mother & activist: “Megan Barry has our city $243 million in debt after her two years. Now she wants us to go $billions of dollars in debt for a useless light rail system. No! No! No! Our family of six is all voting against!”

Wendi: “The mayors office was touting Charlotte as having successful light rail. She was completely wrong, as I had looked up the stats. When I told her the true statistics, the mayors office girls’ face went completely beet red.”

Tony: “We have been burdened with Nissan stadium, the Bridgestone, the new baseball field, Ascend amphitheater, the Music City Center, now the soccer stadium – all major construction projects on the taxpayers dime for construction AND maintenance. And now this? Technology from the 1800’s? NO WAY MAYOR! Voting no.”

Portland, Oregon resident about light rail: “I can attest to the uselessness of light rail. It’s a wonder that planners even still consider rail systems to be viable options.”

Portland, Oregon resident; Portland has spent 40 years building a rail system and is famous for sustainable commuting & lifestyles: “As a resident of a suburb of Portland, I can personally attest to the uselessness of light rail. I live within a 4 block walk of one MAX stop, and used to work in a building right at another stop. Yet I was unable to commute via mass transit, because I had children to take to school, various other stops to make along the way, and a need to get to meetings outside my work hours that required me to have my own personal vehicle. What light rail proponents fail to consider is what we like to call “real life”, where errands are run and groceries are bought and kids are brought to soccer practice and violin lessons. The stats bear this out. It’s a wonder that planners even still consider these to be viable options.

Marilyn, resident: “They have the MARTA system in Atlanta, Ga. The trains run nearly empty everyday. Most folks say they are unsafe due to gangs and robberies.”

Ben, resident, Berry Hill: “Why can’t Metro come up with good traffic solutions. They wanted to eliminate two lanes on 8th Avenue in Melrose, to create “a walking sustainable environment.” Dumbest idea ever until this transit plan! 8th Ave. is a primary state roadway artery from downtown to Williamson Co. All the Melrose and Berry Hill people revolted so much, Metro had to scrap it, thank goodness! This transit thing is an even bigger guaranteed fail.”

Marsha, citizen: “The blasting downtown for the tunnel will ruin tourism for years.”

Don, citizen: “Who will pay for all structural damage to the downtown buildings resulting from the blasting for the tunnel.”

Steve, Local citizen: “It’s crazy.”