VIDEO: Why Light Rail Fails, Nashville's Transit Referendum 2018

Learn why light rail fails. The 10 main reasons are summarized in this short video. A small number of cities have tried light rail, and it has disastrous consequences for any city that has it. Nashville is voting either for or against light rail in the transit referendum April 11-26 and May 1. Light rail is $8 billion of the $9 billion total cost of five (5) light rail lines of about 25 miles on five roadways. Light rail does not increase public transit ridership. It does NOT reduce traffic congestion. Light rail ruins & cannibalizes the much-needed and vital bus system which serves those who truly need public transit. few politicians and businessmen want light rail in Nashville, to secure their legacy and make $$millions of dollars. Please vote no against the Light Rail Epic Fail transit referendum April 11-26 and May 1. We love Nashville and do not want a few people ruining our roadways, our bus system, our economy, our economic future, and our children’s future. Thank you!

VIDEO: Why Light Rail Fails, Nolensville Rd Nashville Where Light Rail is Planned Light rail has never worked in any city that has it. Learn why in this video. Also see a portion of Nolensville Rd. from 440 to downtown, where Megan Barry’s transit plan plans to install light rail. Light rail – $8 billion of the $9B plan -does not increase public transit ridership, and it does not reduce traffic congestion. What does? A strong bus system, BRT, express lane, tech, and many, many other traffic congestion solutions & strategies. We two months to inform & educate the Nashville voters that light rail, $8 billion of the $9B plan, does not work and is not effective. We need a better plan, the right plan, for Nashville and all of the 10-county middle Tennessee area. Join Better Transit 4 Nashville in the movement against light rail & the tunnel. We are FOR all strategies except light rail (and the tunnel). We have asked the pro side to show us proof and data that light rail works & is effective in reducing traffic congestion. No one has shown us r sent us anything. Please send to The pro side will not engage with the against side and deal with objective analysis of light rail. They present an emotional, “feel good” message about how we have to begin mass transit. This plan was created by the MTA & a group of mayors from small towns outside of Davidson Co. We need a plan created by experts, a plan that is regional and comprehensive, and that does not include light rail, which is 1970s technology, outdated and obsolete.

VIDEO: Megan Barry's Transit Plan Will Eliminate Three Lanes on 4/5 Lane Roadways

Charlotte Ave, Nashville: Metro Nashville Mayor Megan Barry’s transit plan, w/ public vote on May 1, will eliminate three lanes for light rail on narrow, four & five lane primary roadways, where 97% of commuters/drivers will never use the light rail. Notice in the video of Charlotte Ave from 54th to 42nd Ave., that at some places three lanes will be totally impossible. The NTIP plan in no way addresses the loss of lanes for light rail and the resulting effect on the 97% of commuters. Other roadways w/ light rail: Gallatin Rd., Murfreesboro Rd., Nolensville Rd., & NW Corridor. Leave it to metro govt to plan this transit disaster, guaranteed to be a govt fiasco and quagmire for generations.