Four reasons the transit plan will not work and would be disastrous for Nashville, for all people here, to our economy, and more, because a few politicians and rich businessmen want to profit and secure their legacy. The light rail epic fail:

1.The plan is not regional & does not address the main traffic issue: the masses of people traveling in & out of Nashville daily. The plan is only city. Any mass transit plan has to be regional.

2. Light rail does not increase transit ridership or reduce traffic congestion. Click here to see the projections for ridership for 2035 & 2070, based on a detailed analysis of the 14 light rail systems in the U.S. A strong bus system & other strategies are more effective than light rail to deal with traffic congestion, especially in a city like Nashville, with 525 sq miles & low population density. Moreover, with tech changing driving & traffic very rapidly, light rail – obsolete now – will be completely, totally obsolete in 15 years, the build out period. Click here to learn why light rail is not effective and fails to attract riders.

3. The catastrophic cost: $9 billion. The light rail portion is $6+ billion, for an obsolete, inflexible transit dinosaur & tunnel that ruins the bus system, eliminates half the lanes on five (5) primary state/city roadways, and bankrupts our city. Four new taxes are added, including sales tax increase, causing Nashville to have the highest sales tax in the nation.

4. The plan does not include anything related to technology, the driving force in traffic for the future. The plan was created by Megan Barry, the MTA bus agency and a small of group of small-town mayors WHO DO NOT LIVE IN DAVIDSON CO. Yes, that’s true; they created the plan; that info is on the pro website.

We are for a regional plan, for and paid for by all 10 counties; a strong bus system, BRT, technology & all effective solutions & strategies for improving transit and reducing traffic.