We want you! Join the movement and become a captain to help us reach more people, so we can help STOP the NTIP Fiasco! It is simple & easy – captains simply:

  • join the discussions & post comments on the FB page;
  • email their circles of people with info we send you; and,
  • tell those they know about the importance of voting No, during early voting from April 11-26, and on May 1. Just email us at info@bettertransit4nashville.com. 

Please follow us on the BTN Facebook page! Click here to go to the page: https://www.facebook.com/bettertransit4nashville/

We want YOU! We are looking for captains who will tell everyone they know about this referendum, the FB page, the website & more, and recruit others to join the effort! Just message us on FB! We promise we will try to get back to you! Send us your email address to get on the list of weekly emails about transit in Nashville! Thank you!