We are FOR: Bus Rapid Transit; numerous bus express lanes; improved MTA bus service, incl. more routes, some smaller buses & more; new traffic technology such as Google Smart Stop Lights; lane reversals during rush hour; incentive carpooling & ride-sharing; effective strategies for dealing with traffic congestion, and much more! We are AGAINST light rail which always fails and the ridiculous tunnel downtown, which are unneeded now, even more so in the future. 

If Metro – that is, the Mayor, MTA & Public Works – cannot manage & maintain the public transit and infrastructure they have now, if they cannot manage at a decent level, how will they be able manage the $9 billion build out and the resulting $200 million, $250 million & $350+ million operating budgets in the future ? What makes us think they are capable of it? He who is faithful in a little is faithful in much; and vice-versa.