Better Transit for Nashville is a local, grassroots movement of people like you, who want Metro to implement effective, proven strategies to improve traffic congestion. We are all local, and all volunteers. Our only motivation is that we want the best for all people in our city. We love Nashville. We live here, work here, just like you. We pay for this page and all that we do out of our own money. Our goal is to inform Nashvillians about how wrong the transit plan is for our city, for everyone, especially the 98% of people including transit riders. Light rail only benefits the rich- they are the ones funding the pro side’s campaign; they will make $millions from the build out, as they will finance, build and design the $9 billion plan; they benefit when their land value goes up from the artificial increase of the land near light rail lines; Megan Barry gets her legacy. What we have learned sickens us, and we want to pass this info along to Nashvillians, with the hope that we who are wise will vote this transit plan down.

It’s ironic that the FOR TAX side accuses of having ulterior motives, when the pro campaign is funded completely by the rich, the 1%, and has an army of PR firms & consultants from all over the nation on their “team.” As of April 2018, the pro PAC has raised $2.5 million. The PAC has hired more than 10 PR firms & consultants and paid them more than $1.2 million to try to get this transit plan passed. The PR firms & consultants are from: Nashville, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Boston/LA & Austin, TX, to name some of them. They spin the story that light rail will be great for Nashville. PR firms include Calvert Street & McNeely Pigott Fox, which has been paid $747,000 during the campaign in 2017 & 2018. The whole transit tax plan is actually very sad – even tragic. We are a group of people from different sectors, with one goal: educate people about the NTIP plan & why it is wrong for Nashville; why it will greatly hurt Nashville in many ways. Who benefits from light rail? The rich, billionaires, a few politicians and the rail industry. They will make $millions, and a few politicians get their legacy. It’s so ironic that a good bus system increases public transit more than light rail. Light rail will eliminate three vital lanes on our primary roadways. The land around light rail is artificially increased in value; the rich landowners reap big profits; the poor cannot afford the housing and are forced to leave. Please visit our site and read “74 Reasons to Vote No” or “Quick Read: Four Reasons.” Thank you for following our page!BTN’s purpose is educate and inform the public that the NTIP plan, primarily light rail (70% of the cost), will not work in Nashville. This referendum is perhaps the most important vote in Nashville’s history, as it is something that affects all of us. We are praying that people become informed about the specific aspects of the light rail plan, so that they can make an informed decision about their vote.  to connect the public with the Metro decision-makers, to help improve our streets and city. The referendum vote is May 1. Early voting is April 11-26. Please vote and let your voice be heard.

We are local citizens, just like you; male, female, black, white. We want the best for Nashville. We are all volunteers and are using our money to inform educate voters. We have received literally zero money from anyone and therefore have no conflict of interest. Many, many of the pro side supportersare paid supporters. The pro side PAC, called Citizens for Mobility, has raised more than $1.5 million, most of it from local big businesses who will profit and benefit greatly from the NTIP buildout and from Metro govt in general: PR firms, bankers, construction companies, paving & concrete, investment banking firms & many more. The pro side has an army of PR people spinning their side’s “feel good, emotional” message with no substance or facts. The rail industry also has an army of lobbyists and professionals pitching local governments to install $$billion dollar light rail that gets no results, as the rail companies and manufacturers the lobbyists represent will make $$millions from every city build project.

This battle is a case study and classic example of the 1% taking from the 99%, or in reality the 99.9%. The NTIP plan is a few politicians, bureaucrats and big businessmen fooling and fleecing the Nashville people, so that they can have a legacy, long term job security, and millions of dollars. (To fleece means to use deception to swindle someone out of money or material things.)

One of BTN’s purposes is to connect the public with Metro government, to help improve our streets and city.