1. “Transit” means dense development, which means Metro makes much more in tax revenue w/ much lower infrastructure costs for roads, utilities, electric, water/sewer, etc., allowing politicians & bureaucrats to have big govt. and job security for life.
  2. Rich developers make money for decades from the dense development building boom resulting from transit build out. “Transit” means tall buildings & better codes, such as: less infrastructure/utility costs & smaller parking garages, which all means more profit.
  3. Corporate Nash makes money for decades from the dense development boom: architects, engineers, builders, banks, law firms, construction, utility: those sectors are the biggest donors to the $2.5 million PAC funding the ENTIRE pro side campaign.
  4. They make $millions from $9B build out.
  5. The rail industry will make $millions from build out.
  6. Ongoing profits from $300+m/yr. operations, maintenance.
  7. Goldman Sachs & banks will make $50-100m from the bonds & financing.
  8. Their corp./businesses will increase in value due to artificial govt. economic boost to “transit.”
  9. Their land values near LRT/BRT will increase artificially.
  10. They will continue to get business from Metro’s $2+ billion annual budgets.
  11. They will continue to get tax breaks, tax incentives & sweetheart & backroom deals from Metro.

12. Developers will continue to get favoritism & codes changes that allow them to make more money, such as less parking.